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Accepting What We Can't Change and Finding Inner Peace

Accepting What We Can't Change and Finding Inner Peace Michelle Karén

November is an eclipse month! Eclipses are always very important cosmic events that shift us to a whole new level of consciousness. The changes that occur within the month of an eclipse have farreaching effects (up to nineteen years) and are irreversible. They move us along into becoming more of who we are, forcing us to let go of what no longer serves us and opening us to a whole new range of experiences. We should be particularly attentive to what we say on an eclipse day as well as pay attention to the events that unfold, as both mark points of no return.

The solar eclipse (new moon) will be in Scorpio (21°57') on Thursday, November 13 at 2:08pm. This degree is associated in the Sabian symbols with "hunters shooting wild ducks." Even though society may have, in some cases, legalized the violence of our instincts, this is a time to truly ask ourselves what feels right to us. This eclipse supports a symbolic death of sorts, forcing us to weed out those people and circumstances that are not of our highest integrity. No longer can we pretend to be what we are not. We can now see and transform the inner demons preventing us from attaining enlightenment. Confronted by the consequences of our actions and asked to truly "walk our talk," we need to "die" to the old and be reborn to our truth. Some souls may choose to actually leave their physical bodies, taking with them collective paradigms that they were battling. They will continue their journey in a different environment or decide to return quickly in a new body, retaining more consciousness. An incredible sense of freedom from the known accompanies this transit, as does a personal feeling of inner peace. Our relationships become anchored in balance and harmony, and a renewed drive in our life direction, positive thinking, and faith in the goodness of our path is heralded by this lifechanging eclipse.

The lunar eclipse (full moon) will be in Gemini (6°47') on Wednesday, November 28 at 6:46am. The image associated with this degree is "a well with bucket and rope under the shade of majestic trees." This eclipse talks of the great rewards that come from being positive, having faith, connecting to the oneness of all that is, and taking full responsibility for all the karmic consequences of our thoughts and actions. Our spiritual maturity feels both nourishing and nurturing. There could be a new opening in a deep relationship, an ability to see beyond the veil, as well as the capacity to develop telepathy, clairvoyance, or, at the very least, a sensitivity to the energies of all things. We could spontaneously reach meditative states. A change or renewal of our home base is in order now, as is freedom from conditioned thoughts and behaviors that bound us to an external, illusionary truth. We are clearer on who our real friends are and wish to stay away from those people who are not choosing ascension and the positive outlook that is now demanded of us individually and collectively. Also, this is a time to reach into our deeper resources and find ways of making money that value what we truly believe in and our personal gifts.