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Utopian Communities Birth Light of the New Heaven/New Earth

Utopian Communities Birth Light of the New Heaven/New Earth The Benevolent Ones through Judith K. Moore & Sean Sands

We focus together on the infinite wisdom and the heart of divine creation, the heart and soul of our mother planet and the Benev- olent Ones. The light comes upon the Earth, brilliant, shining from the inner source of illumination. This is the light that is radi- ant and shines forth from the Source. Whole areas of the Earth now are breathing the light, exchanging the light from the inner planes with the cosmic light, breathing the energy that once was inaccessible. The Shamballa systems and the gateways of light of the golden Lemuria are expanding and the manna from the Source of life and the Source of light flows freely. This began with the opening of portals. Now the portals are expanding into larger areas that are the future centers for conscious communities. The communities will spring forth from the inspiration of those indi- viduals who see and feel a relationship to the loving Source.

The souls that have awakened to inspire communities are now beginning to hear from the inner planes the inspirations that will guide them to creating infrastructures in the existing social order. The infrastructures are sustainable, built on sound principles of light geometry. These are systems in which the awakening of the God particle, the solar particle, and the Gaia particle flow energy into the living hologram of the regions of the new communities of light. The synergistic planes have already created the holographic field that once filled with light, transforming consciousness and matter into a living reality. The communities that emerge from this renaissance of conscious- ness are capable of manifesting the principles of well-being.

New Centers of Consciousness and Communities of Light

At first these areas will be unnoticed by the masses of civiliza- tion around them. But then they will become noteworthy and peoples' attention will be focused on the neighborhoods, com- munities, and regions through which the living principles of the new paradigm energies demonstrate the emerging reality.