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Upgrading Your Frequencies

Upgrading Your Frequencies The Galactic Frequency Council through Catherine Richardson

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We call ourselves the Galactic Frequency Council of Galactic Starfleet Command. You may be thinking of Star Trek about now, and that is our intention. We channeled a great deal of information to the creators of Star Trek. In it were keys and codes and a great deal of other information about frequency dynamics.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Frequencies

We are talking to you now because this is an appointed interfacing. It is a contractual obligation on all of our parts, including yours. The words we will utilize are highly important. Even if they don't make sense to you, they will have an effect on you. The effect will be different for each person.

Make no mistake: There will be an effect that can ultimately result in an upgrading of the frequency dynamics—both within you and across the entire planet. This can happen if you set your intent that it happen. The choice is yours. The light frequencies found on these pages can also upgrade your frequencies, but again, only if you choose that they do so.