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The Time of Things Never Before Seen

The Time of Things Never Before Seen Sanat Kumara through Athene Raefiel

Dear precious beings of light and love, as you approach the ending to another year in 3D time, you find that many unexpected adventures and also powerful initiations have filled your entire year up till now. There is more to come.

From the year 2008 to the year 2013 in Earth time, the tumultuous planetary effects will continue to move the energies along. You have already discovered that you are reaching new heights in meditations and consciousness. This time has been spoken of previously as the time of things never before seen or experienced by any on the planet. Of course, this is a bit embellished, as there are always ascended ones in your presence and upon your planet who have attended and do attend all the Councils of Light, the Brotherhood of Light, and all Galactic Councils.

To sum things up, let us look at the progression of spiritual evolution now taking place in all dimensions. As many of you have heard before, it is imperative for one dimension to evolve in order for another to evolve. When you call on our assistance and find your higher self working with us, you discover that you all are part of the great unique unit of life that continually expands and grows. For those of you who understand and use this concept as a way of life, nothing under the Sun is really new, simply different.