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A Time to Tend Diligently to Your Existing World

A Time to Tend Diligently to Your Existing World Donna Taylor

November has a very light-hearted, imaginative quality about it, full of artistic and romantic promise. In fact, for some people, this could be a time of inspiration, magic, and wonder, as dreams begin to take shape, ideas drop in from out of the ether, and creative urges ignite to produce lovely works of art.

Throughout the month, Venus and Mercury are locked in a fun-loving embrace. This combination is sure to put our focus on relationships, especially the communicative side of relationships. So if there's something you need to get off your chest, the energies are wonderfully supportive and will help you to say what you need to do without looking silly.

The duo of Venus and Mercury heightens our capacity to be articulate and so favors business negotiations just as much as it favors love letters. However, try and wait until the first few days have passed before you attempt any sort of important or heartfelt communication, as Mercury and Venus are dancing their way into a tense alignment with Neptune and Mars. This is a classic scenario for misunderstandings, so try to be clear. Strive to be honest and transparent in both your words and actions while at the same time being alert to the trickery and deception of others. Remember the words of Sonia Choquette: "What your mind blots out, the heart knows."