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Stepping Out of the Envelope of Time

Stepping Out of the Envelope of Time Simion through Amariah Mara

A special quality of your leap to the next dimension of awareness will be your new perception of the illusory nature of time. As you become cognizant of the illusion of space, you will gain a wider viewpoint from which to understand the relative experience of time. You currently are living in an envelope of time. Your soul does not exist in its larger dynamic within the perimeters of this envelope. When you step out of your physical web of creation, you also step out of this envelope. And the less dense your frequency, the closer you are to your true form. Hence, as you step into a less dense dimensional awareness, you become less trapped by the constructs of space and time as they relate to one another. This loosening perspective has many advantages for your creativity as a species and for your individual soul evolution.

As your awareness develops, so do all the aspects of your soul that are vibrating in different frequency signatures. Therefore all parts of your soul are influenced and have the potential to evolve in unison as you heighten your awareness. When you are able to lessen your density and see past space and time, you will be better able to recognize other aspects of your soul existing in probable pasts and futures and, possibly, even on other planets. The grip your mentality and psychology have on your concrete day-to-day existence will expand to include your selves that exist outside of your current envelope of time and limits of place.

Many of you may already be feeling and experiencing these other aspects of yourselves in the form of dreams, sensations, memories, the spontaneous recalling of past lives, or familiarity with communications from outside your planet through telepathic or channeled means. You are not losing your minds. You are waking up to your multidimensional selves. This will become more commonplace as Earth approaches her final shift. It is evidence that the barrier of the envelope is thinning. It is good that it is occurring slowly, for it is allowing your three-dimensional bodies and minds to adjust to the expanded perceptions caused by the weakening of filters that have been placed here to prevent you from having such realizations.