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Organizing and Preparing for 2012

Organizing and Preparing for 2012 Rhonda Smith

November 2011 (24/6) gives you the vibration to further develop your inner sense of order. This will bring you messages and inspiration, especially in your dreams. Follow your deep inner knowing and use the energy of your deep emotions to power and manifest your visions for the future. The goal is to use your heightened intuitive abilities, your inner sense of order, and the content of your dreams to serve humankind.

November 1 to November 5, 2011 (135/18/9)

This period is all about regeneration through the highest God energy in order to bring universal love for all humanity. It will assist you to walk the holy mountain of truth so you can stand on your own convictions and principles; this will enable you to be called the highest God source of service to others.

It is time to use your energies for the good of all humankind. You begin by joining your physical self and your spirit so that you have all your knowledge available. Use that knowledge to visualize what you want and remain flexible, resourceful, and adaptable to make the adjustments to manifest what you desire. This manifestation follows soul searching, so examine any details that arise in any of your material affairs and discern what actions to take in order to reap the harvest of this vibration.