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The Magic of Financial Success

The Magic of Financial Success Merlin through Miriandra Rota

Well, my dears, this is your friend Merlin coming forth to speak with you on a topic that you are most familiar with—financial success. And what does that mean? What do we really mean when we are referring to our financial success? Here's the answer.

Let's get right down to the facts. You want more money. Now that's not unspiritual, as some of you still continue to believe. Why? Why was such a wanting considered unspiritual, greedy, or material-worldish in the past? The answer is simple, my dears. The past was different. The energies were different. And more so, you were emerging from a filter that you had placed about yourselves long ago.

What was the filter? You held about you those vibrational frequencies that allowed you to continue to reside incarnate while you expanded your consciousness. The filter anchored all that you sought to know. Remember, you didn't go anywhere to get more expanded. You didn't study and become more expanded, though some of you will differ with that statement. Yet hear me out, my dears!