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How Small Is Your World?

How Small Is Your World? The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from home. This day is remarkable. There are pieces that are starting to fall into place on your little world. We say "your little world" because it is one of the smaller planets on our horizon that we help to watch over. There are many games throughout the universe, but Earth's was the only game that had no rules. You decided to remove all the rules from this game in order to play and to find your reflection—to see God through the eyes of a human. That was your intention. You began by hiding your own power—putting your power into things greater than yourselves. It has worked very well for you up to a point, but now what you are finding is that much of what you have already put your power into is only reflecting your power. It is actually only a mirror that allows you to express your god-self through this physi- cal body on this planet.

Pulling the Veil Aside

We can see that a critical mass has now been reached and that is why we call 11-11-11 a marker. The critical mass is beginning to hold the power inside rather than expressing or giving it to some- thing else. It does not mean that you must change your belief sys- tems; it does not mean that you must start to listen to yourself, although we wish you would. It means simply reaching the next level, for the collective vibration is now beginning to take and hold your own power. That has never happened before, especially on a planet where there are no rules as there are on other planets. It is not so much that they have direction, but they have predeter- mination in many ways.

These other planets know where they will end up and you do not. This allows an expression of the god energy to come through each and every one of you, yet it is very difficult for humans to trust that. You have spent so much energy on giving your power to something greater than what you believed you were. To even dis- cover your own greatness is often very challenging for many of you. Now, the world is beginning to change as well. Everything is start- ing to shift to where you can not only see a new vision of yourself but also recognize a little bit of your own true nature as a creator on planet Earth.