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The Evolutionary Quality of Sensitivity

The Evolutionary Quality of Sensitivity Dwhal Khul through Catherine Weser

Humanity is becoming more sensitive. You might look around you and think that there are a lot of people seemingly becoming more aggressive and coarse, not becoming more sensitive at all. And yet the evolutionary movement is into greater sensitivity. Not only are there more stimuli now than there have ever been before on the planet, there is also growing human sensitivity to these stimuli.

Becoming More Sensitive Is an Evolutionary Imperative

Every moment, you are being besieged by hundreds of millions of bits of information beyond the ones you're naming, identifying, and knowing about. There is so much more information going on around you than what you are taking in or allowing yourself to identify. And yet if you can open up just 1 percent more in receptivity, you will become an even more sensitive individual. Becoming more sensitive is part of the evolution of the species, and only those things that promote thriving remain in the evo- lutionary program. Those of you who wish to promote greater thriving and wish to live in a reality more oriented toward thriv- ing can promote greater sensitivity in your being. The results will be positive for you and in service to the creation of one life.

Scientists say that the human brain processes only about 10 percent of the stimulus available to it. Part of the brain is con- stantly filtering out what is determined to be unnecessary, what is believed to have the capacity to cause a sensory overload. We're here to speak about becoming more sensitive. We're here to speak about letting yourself become more available to more stimuli in an easy and natural way that requires no effort at all.