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Everything You Want Is Already Yours

Everything You Want Is Already Yours Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

I have come to talk to you about abundance. My definition of abundance is different from most. The indigenous tribes of your planet know what abundance is, but they have not been given the opportunity to tell the world. So I will do it.

Abundance is about knowing that you create your world. It is about living in love and passion, not about what you have or do not have. You live in a world of yin and yang where every- thing has an opposite. Most of you believe that if you have a downtime, you will have an uptime. You believe that somehow the yin and yang will magically take over and you will eventu- ally find the abundance you are looking for.

How many years have you spent looking for financial abun- dance, a good relationship, or good health—all to no avail? Where is the yin and yang in these situations? It is in the journey. If you sit around waiting for the tide to turn, for the yang to replace the yin, or vice versa, you will be waiting a long time. You may have a change, but it will not be the change you are looking for.