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The Dynamic Force Behind Creativity

The Dynamic Force Behind Creativity Amma through Cathy Chapman

My dear ones, how I enjoy giving you my instructions on how to live more easily and powerfully in your physical bodies during this amaz- ing lifetime of your soul. Mothers enjoy watching their children grow, expand, and come to know who it is they truly are. Sometime earthly mothers are not as good at this as they could be. Most moth- ers, however, have within them the encodements to nurture life to the point where their children can live life without them.

Who am I, precious ones? I am Amma, the divine Mother of the divine mothers. I am your Mother. I am the Mother of all you behold. I am the receptive force of love that accepted the powerful seed of love of the divine Father. I am the feminine energy that is coming so forcefully onto and into this planet right now. My love and my power join with the love and power of the Father to form a new creation on this amazing Earth of yours, upon this planet so many of you have come to assist these thousands of Earth years.

Here you are, sojourners upon planet Earth, knowing you have been here many times assisting and preparing for the transition that is to come. Actually, precious ones, the transi- tion has been occurring. Reflect on the process of birth. There is tremendous growth and change within the sacredness of the womb. This change is accompanied by discomfort of the mother. Her hormones are changing. Her emotions are labile. Her body is stretching to accommodate the rapidly growing life within her. Once she has given birth, she will never be the same again. Her body will never be the same.