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22-Inch High Humans from Alpha Centauri

22-Inch High Humans from Alpha Centauri Guide to Small Alpha Centauri Beings through Robert Shapiro

Greetings. Now, down through the ages, there has been an ongoing interest in tiny humans, not tiny humanoids. That interest is still raging, though redirected at this time toward human beings of a smaller stature in terms of their height. But in fact, human beings—granted, not exactly the same biologically as yourselves, but similar and very similar in appearance, always less than three feet tall, often closer to two feet, two feet one inch, something like that; sometimes even smaller—have visited your planet in the past.

An interesting point is that these beings come from a highly populated world. The world is physically much bigger than your planet, and they have very tender hearts—which is not unusual for beings, but the whole planet is peopled by these individuals who have such tender hearts. They, at one point, were about five, five and a half feet tall, but they have very long life spans—never less than 2,500 years in your time and often as much as 5,000 or even 7,000. This is a very distant star system in terms of miles, but in terms of proximity, well, it is not that far.

Because of their feelings, they devised a way to simply recreate everyone on the planet to be much smaller. It didn't happen immediately. One might assume that in a shorter life span, this could be done through generations, but given their lengthy life span, well, that's ruled out, you see. Once everybody was at this shorter scale size-wise, then the overpopulation ceased—as well as the demand on resources dropped to about one-tenth of what it was before because of the slightly different biology of the peoples.