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What Do I Do Now?

What Do I Do Now? Kuthumi through Lynette Leckie-Clark

I come into your presence once again. Your previous month of October was a magical time for those who chose to look and feel the uplifting new energies. The gateway of unity was activated, and we all rejoiced, for this began the true sacred union and the uniting of above and below as one: one mind, one energy, one will, and one movement forward toward the manifestation of oneness—a collective oneness. Like the sea, you are individual, yet part of all. It is important that this is understood.

Some of you understand the events of your date 10-10- 10, and yet you wonder, "Well, it's now passed. What do I do now? How do I step forward with this?" Though there are many scribes and healers now working on Earth, I tell you that it begins with you—yourself! It is time to clean out the closets of your mind. If you've done this before, it's time to have another look for anything unseen.