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The Wash of Love

The Wash of Love Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. In a sense, there is very little time to pass in the realm of spirit. Time is a concept based more in gravity, although at lower vibrational levels of spiritual existence we are still very aware of—and, in many cases, subject to—the energy of passing time. It is the nature of dealing directly with the family human, and it is a joy for those of us in spirit who connect with you on a regular basis. Time is a way of quantifying existence for humanity. It is an obvious thing to see the great separations that exist in contemporary society. Why, you may ask, is there such great conflict? If this is what occurs upon Earth, how can humanity be a reflection of spirit? How can "below" be "as above"?

In the past, many seers have felt that there are battles and struggles in the realm of spirit, what some would call the heavens. This perception is based on what they observed in gravity. It is also based on fear and certain egobased assumptions. It is a vision rooted in the search for power over others and the instillation of a system of judgment to hold that power. Many sought and still seek to make a name for themselves, a legacy that will last through the ages. This is a futile thing to pursue. Time will erase all vestiges of individual existences. It is the energy that is passed on that has true meaning.