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Transition and Change Mark the November Heavens

Transition and Change Mark the November Heavens Stephanie Clement

Astronomy offers observations that parallel, enhance, and confirm astrological interpretations. Throughout November, for example, the planet Mercury is moving quickly, widening its distance (elongation) from the Sun over the entire month. Ancient astrologers had a set of rules governing the distance of planets from the Sun. The aspects included in this column each month are just one of the results of this wisdom. Other observations include concepts like combustion and elongation.

The concept of combustion—the exact alignment of a planet with the Sun—has been confirmed by scientific experiments that demonstrate that metallic crystal formation is weakened or prevented when the planet associated with the metal is behind the Sun (conjunct to and occulted by the Sun). Similar effects occur with occultation by one planet of another. This is known as the Kolisko effect. The term combust suggests that the energy of the planet is "burned up" by the Sun, a metaphor for the weakened effect of the planet in the astrological chart.