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Time Grows Short

Time Grows Short Sarrinn with Sarra of Lemuria and the Ancients through Daniele DeVoe

The time grows short, lightworkers. The moment for change that is the result of divine activity, compassion, and understanding is fast approaching, culminating with the preparations and training of the way-showers. While these final preparations have been proceeding over the last many months, Gaia and all her children have been experiencing much more chaos than usual.

Part of this chaos is simply an intrinsic aspect of change, and a very large portion of the chaos is the result of so many creators manifesting so many personal realities and not heeding the needs of others, the preferences of others, the manifestations of others—the very dreams of others! Do you wish to have this chaos end? Do you desire the next stage of evolution and ascension? Are you prepared and ready for your part in this miraculous progression? Do you remember your role?