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Making Space for Empowered Humans

Making Space for Empowered Humans The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from home. Dear ones, you have taken this day and altered every part of it. When this particular day was set into motion by the Sun coming over the horizon, you had nothing but possibilities. You have altered everything that you have walked into in order to make space for your spirit to have a human experience. Now you are beginning to alter the entire universe to make space for empowered beings on planet Earth.

We have spoken of the tremendous respect and honor that not only we have for you but also the way the other beings of the universe look at you. They see Earth as one of the highest possibilities to learn from and to emulate in many ways. Yes, you look at your daily newspaper and see wars, challenges, problems, tsunamis, earthquakes, and more. But we tell you that it is your evolution and expansion into your proper place in the universe that is opening up the possibilities for you to change every single day. That is the beauty that now stands before you, and the possibilities that you did not have even yesterday.