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Instead of Making War, Make Peace and Make Room

Instead of Making War, Make Peace and Make Room OMA through Frankie Z Avery

Greetings to you! We gather with you to speak of peace, because there are very few places in the world where you can find peace. Interestingly, many people would like to participate in peace with others, but they won't allow themselves to. Why is that? Well, oftentimes people confuse peacefulness with a squandered life. They equate peace with a passivity or inactivity that they think is boring or has no point. Yet peace is a quality that embraces life. People permit themselves to think that nonviolence is the same as peace, but it is not. Rather than having a passive relationship with the world, peace is actually an active energy. Imagine the enthusiasm of humans discovering they could leave their caves and go outside in safety. You can define peace as "active participation in life for the sake of living." Actual peace gives birth to curiosity and creativity and to imagination and freedom. How? In peace, nothing has to exist in survival mode.

The freedom to express your passions safely, lovingly, loudly, and in anyway you wish—through art, creation, assisting others in their work, or finding work that expresses your very nature—is peace. When you get the words "peace" and "passivity" confused, where does creativity fit in? Think of the marvelous and wonderful music you create for marching to war. It's exciting, triumphant, and stimulating. When was the last time you heard such music for peace? The music played for peace is often sleepy and boring. When have you really thought that living a peaceful life would be wonderful? You think of peace as a life without antagonism. You have never even thought peace could be possible, because you think "peace" means you can't get mad.