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Helping the Thinking Mind Relinquish Physicality

Helping the Thinking Mind Relinquish Physicality Expanded Consciousness and the Divine Mother through Miriandra Rota

Beloved beings, greetings on this wondrous day! We are Expanded Consciousness, and for this moment we would flow forth in answer to your call to be relieved of struggle. Although you have studied and devoted your mind and heart to a new manner of thinking, being, and even interpreting that which occurs in your daily living, there are still those moments and circumstances that invite you to enter into your own despair for the sheer continuing of struggle. We would speak of this struggle, this invitation to despair, and your ongoing choices to reside in a new manner of being. We would speak in this manner for the love of who you are.

As you remember that you are of the whole and the whole is of you, there flows forth those illusionary representations of what you might call times gone by, wherein you did struggle with all of your might so that you might survive. You have been expert survivors, and in a manner of speaking, we are most proud of your abilities! Yet now it is time to direct those glorious strengths toward a different manner of being. What you are asking of yourself, of the universe, and of any guidance that may arrive within your own consciousness is: "How can I use my abilities to survive in a way that will assist me to emerge from old patterns and birth into a new, easy, and fulfilling manner of living?"