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A Greater Love

A Greater Love mar de luz

We are nothing but vibration and these tones, these changes coming in from the higher vibration. People are hearing things in their ears and feeling things vibrate in their bodies, depending on what the actual frequency is that they're responding to, and it's changing everything from consciousness to molecular structure—not just in people: It's changing . . . in plants and animals, and even crystals.1

—Robert Ghost Wolf

Is this life a metaphor for the next life—the broader, the deeper, the spirit life? It certainly seems that way. Consider the information from the Internet that travels through the ethers. It filters in and out of the atmosphere, sometimes strong and sometimes weak, and can be totally destroyed by solar flares, which can also knock out radio and satellite signals. What we see and hear electronically can be magnified by Earth's atmosphere, similar to the bloom of the harvest moon rising obliquely against the horizon.