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Focus Your Consciousness On Positive Reality

Focus Your Consciousness On Positive Reality Archangel Gabriel through Lotus Fire

Greetings, precious ones. I am Gabriel, lord of the moon, ruler of the inner and the outer tides. Know this: Consciousness is everything. It is everywhere. Nothing exists but consciousness. Everything else is illusion. Many of you have come close to this information when you have thought about the space between molecules, the space between atoms, the space between electrons and protons. Those of you who are aware that there actually are no particles—only energy in movement swirling around other energy and infinitely—have wondered, "Then what is it made of, that which we perceive as solid?" The answer is that all is made of consciousness.

The space that consciousness inhabits runs through everything, from the tiniest speck on the floor of the sea to the farthest reaches of the cosmos. It is the medium that connects everything, flowing seamlessly everywhere, and it is the only reality. Everything is created and held in place by consciousness. Therefore as you creator-gods focus your beloved gift called consciousness, you too create. By focusing your consciousness individually or in groups, you have different intensities of ability to create. When all of you focus your consciousness, especially paired with emotion or feeling, you can more easily and quickly create a group reality. Yes, you have heard this before, but let me expand on it for you.