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ETs Disarmed Nuclear Missiles

ETs Disarmed Nuclear Missiles ET from Orion on ship photographed in 1964 through Robert Shapiro

All right! Greetings.

Well, greetings! Who's this?

I am one of the travelers, albeit not what you would call a pilot on the ship in the picture (see page 72) that you mentioned to the channel. I was, you might say, a bit of a hitchhiker. I wanted to see how things were coming along on Earth after having been here—here, meaning on Earth, okay?—about 700 years before. Things then were a bit more calm, and there were a great many more trees and variety of plant and animal life, as you would say.

As such, well, I think we understood then, in that previous visit, that things were going to change rapidly, because it is in the nature of the human being to adapt. And there is a—how can we say this?—there is an expectancy by the human being to expect others to adapt as well. This is not only something that happens from person to person in the human culture. It is projected on all life forms; they're all expected to adapt.