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Awakening to True Divinity

Awakening to True Divinity Michelle Karen

Venus is retrograde until November 17 between 3°43' Scorpio and 27°40' Libra. This gives us three last weeks to re-create passion in our lives. An intense love affair from the past could return, or the flame in an existing relationship could be rekindled. We do not wish to live our emotions at a surface level. We seek the intensity of true love and a true fire in every aspect of our lives to feel fully present and happy.

Jupiter is retrograde until November 17 between 24°01' and 23°29' Pisces. The pictures associated with these two degrees are the "purging of the priesthood" and "an inhabited island." The old consciousness associated to fear, corruption, negativity, and violence is on its way out as more and more of us awaken to our true divine identity. As we embody more and more of all that we are—one cell, one area of life at a time— we are creating a new society based on love, faith, and joy.