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Ascension Seats: Access the Wisdom of the Cosmos

Ascension Seats: Access the Wisdom of the Cosmos Helios through Reverend Michelle Coutant

Dearly beloveds, I am Helios, the solar logos of your solar system. I greet you with great love and joy in this opportunity to communicate with you through this dear soul. I have been awaiting this time, as this dear soul has also been awaiting this opportunity to connect with the great wisdom, love, understanding, and joy that is available through the higher realms. We of the higher realms await you as you bridge the gap between the lower vibrations you have been steeped in and the higher vibrations that are being showered upon your planet, your solar system, and your galaxy. It takes time, in the linear third dimension and the fourth dimension, to incorporate this light and the higher vibrations. The gap grows more narrow and less pronounced as those of you, with great determination, do the work that is needed for you to bridge this gap.

The wisdom of the cosmos is available to all of you. This messenger is an example of this wisdom being accessed and brought forth. Do not limit yourself to that which you see in your world of the third and fourth dimensions. This is linear and only a very small part of who you are and what you have available to you on many levels, many dimensions, and many planes. It is a cosmic playground, so to speak.