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Navigating the Collapse of Time

Navigating the Collapse of Time David Ian Cowan


This is a simple book. It is not intended as an academic work. Rather, it is intended to give you just enough information to feel at peace with all the tremendous changes taking place on planet Earth and within each of us here and now. Chaos Theory proposes that “Out of every apparently chaotic event a pattern emerges and a higher order is revealed, given enough perspective.” This book is intended to do just that and to stretch the horizons of your mind—to give you enough perspective to see beyond the immediate issues and concerns of a world about to re-create itself in the image of a transformed humanity. You are in the process now; you may as well become an informed traveler.

What I present here is a synthesis of thoughts that oth ers have already brought forward combined in such a way as to create a panoramic overview of the Shift of Ages, which will bring about nothing less than the birthing of a New World and a new humanity—homo luminous. One of the key outcomes of this Shift will be a re-definition of time and an appreciation of the role of the mind and its decisions in literally creating the future. You may want to follow up on some of the information presented here or you may find that you really don’t need more “data” to live and thrive in the moment. My overview is intended to help you appreciate that a Grand Harmonic Plan is unfolding on Earth right now.

One of the ways we will be looking at this Shift is through the lens of the Mayan calendar as an allegory for how life has evolved from very rudimentary stages to higher and higher levels of organization and sophistication. We will explore the Mayan “roadmap to eternity,” ask what it implies from a dimensional perspective, examine the potential in our own DNA for radical evolutionary change, and consider a “revised” history of humanity that helps to explain how we got to our current state of genetic and social limitation. Then we will discuss what we can expect as events continue to unfold toward their prescribed conclusion and propose practical steps you can take to help navigate these changes.

The Big Picture

Why would you want to become informed about the topics in this book? First, because the changes everyone is talking about are real. Measurable and dramatic changes have been taking place on our Sun, particularly a massive weakening of the Sun’s magnetic field that began in 1999, the year El Nino hit the headlines and kicked off a series of global weather events. Since then earthquakes, polar ice cap melting, crop losses, brutal winters, killer hurricanes, droughts, floods, and fires have all captured the attention of the media and triggered speculation about catastrophic End Times.

These changes affect us as individuals and as families, and as communities and nations. They force us to realize that we must work together at a higher level of cooperation with Nature and each other or be overwhelmed by forces seemingly beyond our control. But in the sufficiently large perspective suggested by Chaos Theory—the Big Picture— I think these changes present a momentous opportunity to reinvent ourselves and our world, an opportunity to live in a “post-Shift” world where the damaging beliefs of thousands of years of control and limitation are overcome and the parameters of living expanded.

In everything that Nature does there is a plan. At one point we did well to know that we existed as individual organisms. Then came our awareness of ourselves as part of something bigger—a family, a tribe, a nation, a planet. Each shift or expansion in the progression has required a change in our frame of self-reference. An essential aspect of this growth throughout history has been the willing ness to toss out the old paradigm and allow the new one to manifest unrestricted—without really knowing what that new paradigm will bring. We as a species have had to figuratively jump off the cliff into thin air many times before. It’s time for another leap.

Now we must become aware of ourselves as citizens not only of this planet but of the galaxy and the universe. We have to reinvent ourselves to fit a more comprehensive and cooperative whole. We have to achieve a sufficiently large perspective, enter the Big Picture, meet the challenge of the Shift of Ages, and join the galactic neighborhood. Our galactic neighbors have actually been very patient, waiting for us to get over our dysfunctional dualism and egoic obsessions and join the greater community. Now is the time.

The Big Picture is fantastic beyond anything you or I can imagine. The temporary chaos we perceive or experience in our time-bound lives is giving way to a whole new way of Life. Once you know more about the Big Picture you will have the perspective to make informed choices about how you will experience this change—for change there will be. You can choose to appreciate, cooperate with, and celebrate what Nature is going to accomplish here or you can resist and deny the impending change by continuing to rely on entrenched psychological defenses. The change is assured, as is your freedom to choose. Choosing “not to choose” is also a choice. What is not assured and what rests on you is the role you will play in this historic transition and how you will experience it.

The Ego and the World of Separation

Al Gore appeared in the documentary film An Inconvenient Truth. I liked it. It was well done and had the ring of sincerity about it. But when I looked more closely at the data presented, its message began to ring hollow. Human contribution notwithstanding, what is happening on Earth is also happening across our entire solar system because these changes are primarily reflecting changes in our Sun. Ancient cultures knew about these potentially disruptive but completely natural cycles. The difference is that they didn’t try to control or deny them. They took a longer view. They saw the Big Picture.

“Control” is the operative word here. Our exclusive focus on the human contribution to global warming is a prime example of classic egoic reasoning—reasoning based on the assumption that “I” have an existence unique and individual to “me,” as separate from the Big Picture.

Traditional cultures did not institutionalize the ego to the degree that modern Western culture has. Most pre industrialized cultures were intimately tied to the natural world—at least until they were discovered by modern civilized cultures. Before the recent tsunami in Indonesia, one small aboriginal tribe simply got up and moved to higher ground. How did they know to do this? They listened to the voices of Nature (or their own inner voices), undistracted by iPods, cell phones, and cable news.

Many ancient societies recognized the Sun as the captain of Nature. We now know that the light coming to us from the Sun is the primary nutrient of all life on Earth. Certain yogic practices involve staring at the rising and setting Sun and receiving all nutrition in this primordial form. As humans, we are all a part of—and not apart from—Nature. The very distribution and proportion of chemicals in our bodies is a holographic representation of the same elements and compounds found in the Earth. The air we breathe is a gift from the plant kingdom. Space scientists have discovered that astronauts cannot survive without replicating Earth’s gravity and electro-magnetic signature in their artificial environments. How did we in the West get so out of touch with Nature?

Our divorce from Nature is, in fact, a relatively modern phenomenon associated with the rise of patriarchal societies based in the wounded-male archetype. In these cultures, Mother Nature became a force to subdue and dominate. Most early civilizations (9500 BC and earlier) were matriarchal in structure and lived in cooperation with the rhythms of Nature. They worshipped the Divine Mother or Goddess, who represented the fertile and life- sustaining—and sometimes destructive—forces of Nature. In a way, these matriarchal societies made more sense bio logically. Females represent the original blueprint of the human form and are basically protective of their offspring, thus they are less likely to send their sons to war. In fact, geneticists tell us that human males are an altered form of the basic (female) genetic plan; a “second opinion” of Nature to ensure procreation.

With the rise of patriarchies emerging out of hunter -gatherer societies came cultures of domination, conquest, and separation—all based on a limited egoic orientation toward conflict and control. The ego, which I believe is the root cause of the world’s collective insanity, is programmed to survive and to tame hostile environments, even at the cost of those environments. Modern Western societies have epitomized this culture of separation in their “war on Nature,” played out in the thoughtless “harvesting” of natural resources and the mindless pollution of our Earthly home. They have lost all sense of the Big Picture.

Most of the people I talk to already have a sense of the impending planetary shift, betrayed by statements like “I can’t believe how fast things are changing in my life” or “Even issues I thought were done with are coming up again on deeper levels.” And of course, there’s a growing awareness that decisions supporting war, environmental abuse, and the ignoring of basic human rights—decisions that seem hell-bent on destroying us all—are based on an antiquated mind-set rooted in the lowest aspects of human nature. This mind-set, motivated by fear, greed, and the need to control, is now being exposed as never before, particularly with the recent public disclosures of institutional and political abuses on a scale unprecedented. Once this process is complete, I believe we will all agree to agree to create a different world based on the equality of all.

Now is the time to put new principles to work—or perish. Too many vectors are now converging, with too much change imminent, for us to revert to “business as usual.” We have global crises in economics, shortages of world resources, pollution, food degradation, pharmaceutical and medical abuses, terrorism, media madness, nuclear arms and unsafe nuclear power, and an out-of-control “world management system” operating on an obsolete and self -destructive course. In other words, something’s got to give! This is something we can all agree upon. And the joyful life force within me believes that something’s going to give. And that change will bring something wonderful, because it will be an expression of unconditional, creative, and benevolent Love—the only True Reality.

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