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Diary of an Earth Goddess

Diary of an Earth Goddess Luanne

To Be or Not to Be is the great question of today. You will notice it is not “To Do” or ”To have.” Those were the questions of the past on the Old Earth. They created greed, war, disease, separation, hate, loss, lack and despair. The old human created from the mind of separation. “To Do and To Have” is coming to an end and is being replaced by “To Be.” To Be is who you are, were and always have been, souls from the Goddess incarnate in a physical body on Earth. You really are love Incarnate and you remain the great creators of Earth. In the past you manifested the world from who you believed you were, disconnected, separate, alone, searching for a place on Earth that felt like home. It is possible to find and know who you really are by searching your soul connected to your great spirit and the Supreme Spirit.