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Your True Essence Is Love and Compassion

Your True Essence Is Love and Compassion The Collective Soul Consciousness through Carolyn Gervais

Author Joseph Campbell warned the world about the dangers of the ego becoming like a dictator instead of acting as a messenger and servant. What’s going on in Ukraine shows the entire world that an out-of-control ego can become the ultimate expression of evil.

A human ego that feels superior attacks first and thinks later. It does this to feel in control of its fear when being attacked by its perceived enemies. The untethered ego believes it is beyond judgment but not beyond judging. It anchors those controlled by it in the belief that they are above it all, and this justifies any actions necessary for the ego to remain in control of its professed power. Whether played out on a global stage or in people’s personal lives, an unaware, reckless ego can disrupt and destroy peace from one person to an entire country