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Revelations Redefine Leadership

Revelations Redefine Leadership Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

The Taurus point of avatar will be activated in May, creating portals between dimensions, timelines, worlds, and realms. This facilitates the ability to dismiss fear and drama and invites supportive, nurturing, strong, healing, loving energies for all beings. These are amplified at the times of the full moon and the new moon as well as during Mercury retrograde, which is when Mercury moves back into Taurus: May 23 to June 13, 2022.

The Sun and Uranus are conjunct the Moon on the Taurus point of avatar on May Day, revealing the truths about the Divine Masculine energies rather than what they have been perverted into. Remaining grounded in the present space-time continuum will be necessary to respond to situations and circumstances in the wisest, most discerning manner for all genders. The authenticity of what has passed for masculine creator energy will become clarified and harmonized, washing away ancient conflicts within the human kingdom the world over.