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The Metaphysics of Love

The Metaphysics of Love The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Welcome, masters of metaphysics and bio-essence love, light energy communication masters, energy potential magi, love- and life-fulfillment masters, and those lightbeings awakening. You are now illuminating, transmitting, and streaming forth light fusion in a new standard of consciousness for a new cosmic race through your free energy mastery of the biology and bio-essence of love and its metaphysics.

Divine self moves the heart of life’s bio-essence from the human to the soul’s lightbody, transitioning into the spirit’s ascended form and the stellar/star-sun biosphere, which is a metaphysical or meta-sense form. This stellar/star-sun biosphere is an illuminating heart sphere of light that allows you to explore the new infinite unknowns of light fusion to be lived as stellar beings of light. It allows you to light travel, imprint, manifest, and create in your heart awareness instantly. This includes access to the higher realms, subuniverses, windows, staircases of light, and super-universes beyond the beyond into the infinite unknown of pure potentials.