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The Light Grows Stronger as Each Heart Opens

The Light Grows Stronger as Each Heart Opens Divine Mary and the Mother of Compassion through Judith K. Moore

The power of your light is filled with the essence of my love. Dear ones, do not despair; compassion flows from the hearts of the awakened ones with a power that awakens the heart consciousness of humanity. I have appeared to many souls all over the world as a messenger of the divine Christ consciousness. I am present in the world now at a time when humanity must choose love. You have made the way for me because you have opened your heart to my light.

It is by faith and faith alone that the power of my love heals the heart of the world. I have witnessed the suffering and wept for those who suffer just as I wept for my son. I witnessed the miracle of the resurrection and saw him returned to life as an immortal being. He ascended and made the way for the ascension of all humanity. He forgave those who caused him to suffer just as you must do now