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Know Your Beingness

Know Your Beingness The Essences and Michael through Ari Regala

The Essences: We are here in the totality of your existence. We know of your plight — the plight of unknowingness. You struggle within your divinity as a created being incarnate. How is your transition to be? Transitioning into a created reality may seem torturous at times given the state of your beingness.

The natural state of beingness is a creation within the totality of your present awareness. You know these places and things. Unknow them. You are wondrous, wondrous beings of all divinity, of all incarnation, of all totality, encompassing All That Is now. Your created awareness begins within a total existence of present thought. You may be wondering how and where does this thought form. Thought forms are created within the being that desires experience. You create thoughts into the present in the presence of now incarnate.