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The Key to Peace on Earth

The Key to Peace on Earth The Circle through Carlos Rubio

Welcome, dear masters, and be blessed with the gift of silence, peace, and being in communion with your inner essence — the part of you that is always calmed, grounded, and in balance. There are moments in your lives when you experience those attributes, and in reality, you are experiencing yourselves. You are getting a glimpse of your real being, which is the part that gives love and receives love. It is the part that shares wisdom and receives wisdom, and it is pure oneness and power. We invite you to get in contact with that part and carry it with you as you. That is the best gift you can offer the world.

The World Is Transforming

We want to pray for the world, for all the sentient beings on the planet. You are going through a big shift, a big transformation. There is change. Change is the only constant that you need to learn to embrace; so welcome and get familiar with it.