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Don Your Rainbow Cape of Light

Don Your Rainbow Cape of Light Quan Yin through Therese Dorer

Therese: Quan Yin guides you on your journey through 2022, and you have come to the month of May. It is a wonderful opportunity to give thanks for the abundance and gifts in your life. Previously, she brought you to a ceremonial fire where you had the opportunity to gaze at the fire through the night and meet your wise one. You are reminded that your personal wise one is always with you, and you only need to call her, and you will feel her presence. Now that you have made your connection conscious, it will only strengthen over time, and you will feel a deep sense of gratitude for this.

Grandmother Moon shines above you, but morning begins to emerge and the stars are no longer visible. Around you, small forest creatures begin to stir. Shafts of light appear above the horizon to the east, and soon the blazing sun rises above the distant mountains.