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The Benefits of a Rainbow of Colors

The Benefits of a Rainbow of Colors Asr through Farali

Blue color benefits: Blue appears in the heavens, the seas, and everywhere in between. If you struggle to communicate effectively, can’t express yourself, or neglect to make yourself available when others need you, wearing blue may help you unlock these important attributes. Blue is associated with the third chakra, which represents communication and speaking one’s truth. Light blue crystals, such as aquamarines, can help you make strides toward increased understanding and improved interactions. This color represents truth, honesty, and calmness, and it brings stability and order into your life.

Green color benefits: Green often represents feelings of peace, tranquility, and nature. Some green hues can also help you relax and feel at ease. To achieve a greater sense of balance, try wearing a green stone or green clothing close to your heart where you can focus this peaceful energy. Natural green tones stand for growth and fertility in a variety of contexts, and they also evoke feelings of health and well-being. Green is an emblem of productivity and progress and a reference to inspiration and hope. Meditate with green to renew your sense of hope, seek out inspiration during trying times, or find a constructive path for moving forward.