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You Have Enough Time

You Have Enough Time One Life through Catherine Weser

Have you ever thought that you didn’t have enough time? Most likely, the answer is yes. Enough time to do “this” or “that” or enough time to relax — “enoughness” is probably an ongoing theme in your life. But what do you know of the true nature of time? And what do you know about enoughness? You might have asked yourself about the nature of time and wondered whether it has substance and a beginning or an end and whether it is linear or cyclic.

Time is a mystery explored by philosophers, scientists, and seers throughout the millennia. Time can be understood as a series of successive moments always in motion that seem to be one continuous flow. While it often seems time flows as a river, the river is unique in each moment and reveals unlimited possibility in its aleatory movement. Perhaps it is more an infinite diversity of moments than the continuity of moments.