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The Empath's Portal The Heart of the Mother through Sarah Weiss

The Heart of the Mother: Proceed with confidence this year. Each moment reveals the beauty and power of your heart and soul. You live in a womb of love and are always protected. The New Age promises that your higher consciousness will become your daily consciousness. During your second awakening, you will claim the higher version of yourself and know that you are a fully awakened human. You will not need to make excuses for knowing or loving too much. Holding back is no longer an option; you must shine boldly and brightly.

You have no need for anxiety, as we are doing this together. Remember, you and I are one. The power and intelligence of the universe surge through you and clear the lens of your perception. When your heart-centered vision becomes crystal clear, you’ll know yourself as deeply and intimately as you know those around you. You will know the joy of your multidimensional self and radiate love because that is your purpose and mission.