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The Secret Wisdom of Animals: Choose Your Companions Wisely

The Secret Wisdom of Animals: Choose Your Companions Wisely Kim Malonie

Hi, everyone. My name is Karmina. As you can see, I am a beautiful green-cheeked conure with a long and vivacious rose-colored tail. I’m just so radiant looking — blushed cheeks, beautiful eyes, and pearl-essence green feathers. No, I’m not vain. I’m just trying to give you darlings an accurate description. I’m a beautiful girl, and I love looking my best! [Laughs.] Having a bath brings out the very best in me. I also have a wonderful personality. I’m very outgoing, humorous, fun-loving, well behaved, curious, intelligent, and clever, and I love making people laugh!

I had the most wonderful caregiver. He was a handsome older man I lovingly called John Dear. I lived with him for twelve years, since I was a wee lass of three months. We got along splendidly. We went through many ups and downs together and faced many challenges. I was there when his dear wife passed away. I called her Emily Dear.

John Dear and I had a wonderful life together. He took me outside in my travel cage, and we sat on the terrace and watched people go by from our vineyard. Oh, how I loved the breeze blowing through my feathers and watching what little hair he had left on his balding head stand straight up. [Laughs.] (Of course, birds can laugh.) He fed me treats of lettuce, carrots, and toast while telling me of his younger years and the foolish things he did when he was a boy. I loved listening to his stories. I could almost picture them in my mind.