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Prison Letters

Prison Letters Hugh Campbell

When I first began channeling Xenanthium in 2012, I was amazed how each channeled word resonated with me. You hear people talk about a “ring of truth,” and that’s what this was: A profound resonance of truth flowed through me as I wrote each word. This feeling has accumulated over time. The more I receive from Xenanthium, the more I want to live in truth.

Truth has a way of gradually introducing the principles of metaphysics. One of the more important principles is that we create the lives we are living, and everything that happens to us is by agreement. This concept is the opposite of what we learn in society — that nothing is our fault and we are just helpless victims.

If we believe we are victims, we attract experiences of victimization. Our thoughts and beliefs interact with the universe, and the universe brings to us exactly what we believe. We would not have the challenging experiences we do if we recognized ourselves as the creators of our lives. When we realize this fact, we change our thoughts and beliefs and see the world change around us.