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Phone Calls from the Future — Chapter 5: Life on the Moon

Phone Calls from the Future — Chapter 5: Life on the Moon Doc through Robert Shapiro

The Moon is really big news right now all over planet Earth, because it’s around the fiftieth anniversary of the first moonwalk by our astronauts. NASA has plans to go back to the Moon, commercially, as well as other countries. A report I am reading in the New York Times (“The Moon Is a Hazardous Place to Live,” July 8, 2019) says, “When the Apollo astronauts walked the Moon, the dust clung to their spacesuits, scratched their visors and made their eyes water and their throats sore. Lunar dust, which is composed of shards of silica, is fine like a powder but it cuts like glass.” They say that’s the dirt on the Moon. How do you handle it?

We have goggles that fit very well, and people wear special suits. They are like jumpsuits. Those who are in direct contact, meaning the miners, have a completely enclosed suit with an air system. Keep in mind that the equipment (they are not digging with shovels) they use allows them to remain in a sealed cab. Therefore, they are not in any way exposed to the glass, as you call it. On Earth, you have volcanic glass, which is similar, but this is pretty well pounded up. There is some misunderstanding in your time as to how it got to be there. This is because much of it is essentially slag from previous mining and digs. It is also the result of objects hitting the Moon in the past.