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Perfect Creation

Perfect Creation The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

With so much change and external chaos, how do I know if I’m following my new life path?

Masters, creation is perfect in evolution’s life-master energy codes. Most of you hosted and presented transmissions at the Multi-Verse Light Summit in January 2020 on Venus, where you shared state-of-the-art progress across the cosmos of your new standard of consciousness. We have already outlined in many transmissions how this access allows your energy field to be anti-viral/pathogenic, anti-time warp, and anti-cyber.

At the Summit, you also shared an essence transponder/video transmission from the All in all consciousness of the astounding potentials from the New Earth orb-consciousness nautilus life spiral. You viewed your New Earth’s planets, solar systems, and universes that have been created out of old Earth’s wisdom-school universe. Your planet is now moving into unprecedented quantum acceleration. You’re now aware that you were here to fulfill potentials, both in the world of atomic matter and its ascension into the world of quantum or dark matter potentials.