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Opportunity for Change

Opportunity for Change Vywamus through Dorothy Bodenburg

Destruction and creation are the vehicles for evolution for humanity and the planet. The coronavirus, one of the thousands of viruses that inhabit Earth, presents a challenge to all. The function of the virus disrupts and destroys energy and cellular configurations. This enormous energetic disruption is an opportunity for a shift in consciousness.

This shift of consciousness has been building since the 1960s with incremental changes in such areas as race, gender, population growth, shifting migration patterns, and most notably, the advent of the internet and the power of social media. During this remarkable time in human history, nations and people have responded differently. Some of you have resisted while others have embraced change.

The difference between these responses has irritated the energy configuration surrounding Earth. Once irritation starts, eruptions reach a critical mass. Then energy shifts faster, which causes more disruptions, because speed limits time for integration of the shifting energy. You have witnessed disruptions through the effects of climate change (which is not only human-made), wars, and now new diseases. Everything that resides in the energy field of planet Earth is affected by this mass shift of consciousness.