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A One Life Tutorial on the Coronavirus

A One Life Tutorial on the Coronavirus One Life through Catherine Weser

The nature of this coronavirus has much to do with changing notions of separation. First, the virus has come from an animal source. This means that the relationship between humans and animals is changing: Animals and humans are coming closer together; the boundaries between you are less rigid. This is a return to a more profound state of knowing the nature of all beings not as separate entities but as One Life.

Second, you are practicing social distancing: You are placing a great deal of attention on the space between you and others. We suggest that this space is being redefined. It is no longer the space that separates you; it is the space that connects you. You are rediscovering an intimate connection between you and all others. You are being reminded of how deeply and profoundly you are connected to everyone and everything. You are being reminded that your life actually depends on everyone and everything much more than you previously thought.

You are also examining your habitual behaviors and the things you take for granted. What have you been doing that is essential for your well-being? What have you been doing without presence, without consciousness? Many things have been thrown into the air so that they can be sorted out in new ways. You are being asked to look at your priorities and your vulnerabilities. You are being asked: “What matters? What does not matter?”