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A Milestone in Evolution

A Milestone in Evolution Lynn Buess

This year is a milestone in the evolution of humanity, and it can be challenging to accurately read the signs of evolution taking place. As many forces act, interact, and react on the planetary stage, it is unclear who is doing what, for whom, and why. People are caught in mixed agendas not totally of our mastery. During this cycle, some deeper secrets are revealed (both good and bad) that can offer humanity a better picture of what is happening to its destiny. Citizens of Earth have important choices to make about humanity’s future direction.

A virus is accidentally released from a health facility in the Pacific Northwest public, testing the public’s reaction to a crisis. This might not be a good summer for the Northwest and Far West as major fires again consume huge segments of land. Disarrayed leftist-party candidates get undermined, and there is a chance of an angry old retread getting the nod as presidential candidate at their convention. Attempts to derail Trump could unwind and leave him in position to be re-elected. Public awareness grows in small increments as more citizens see through the ruse of those who mislead.