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A Message from Gaia about the Coronavirus

A Message from Gaia about the Coronavirus Gaia through Jaap van Etten

Jaap: In a time of confusion, fear, and chaos caused by the COVID-19 virus, like many others, I am looking for some more in-depth understanding of what is going on from both a physical and a broader perspective. When I want knowledge of a particular species, I always look for vortexes of their morphogenetic grids. It is the best way to get information, because there is no bias. Yes, of course, everything I obtain goes through my human filter, but at least, I have a better chance that the information I receive is unbiased.

To find vortexes means that I need to go out in nature to look for them. In this case, I looked for a vortex of the morphogenetic system of the coronavirus COVID-19. I already had learned that this is the seventh type found of this coronavirus group. All seven types share the same morphogenetic grid and field, which means that it is one species expressed in different forms. These varied types have different effects on who they interact with. The results of infection with the COVID-19 are exceptionally strong and caused a pandemic.

Based on the principles of metaphysical ecology, no organism in the Gaia system is solely harmful. At the same time, I recognize that we will interpret the fact that people are dying as negative. Therefore, I wanted to understand the outbreak and hoped that sitting on a vortex of the coronavirus would help me. But it did not. So I decided to ask the only being that can give proper information: Gaia, the consciousness of Mother Earth.