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A Message from the Coronavirus

A Message from the Coronavirus Coronavirus Energy through Rae Chandran

I am the coronavirus energy. What can you do to stop me from spreading? I have many purposes. I have come here not to kill people but to bring a message. That message is unity consciousness.

If you look at the world’s history, it is during calamities or difficult times that people have come together. If you come together collectively and work in harmony, this energy will naturally pull back. I am not here to punish people but to show you another way of living. Even now, many people around the world are praying. Many people are working on creating balance in themselves. Ask yourselves the key question: “Can I balance and harmonize with the virus?” This is what ascension energy is about. Can you be in harmony under all circumstances and conditions?

Come back to yourself. Stay in your center. When you anchor this grounded energy into the center of the planet and balance Mother Earth, then where I came from — earth — will also be balanced. Do I want to cause harm to people? Do I want to bring the economy down? Do I want to bring misery? No. When human conditions are optimal, you support each other and live in love and unity consciousness. Then sicknesses leave. Many weather anomalies also leave.