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The Magic of This Time

The Magic of This Time Lord Merlin through Natalie Glasson

The world you currently acknowledge as your reality is ablaze with magic. The very air you breathe is filled with the presence of magic. Your body is preparing to act out the energy of magic in your daily life.

Magic is a label for life force energy, the essence and truth of the Creator. It is an active energy. Magic is the process of intention and energy that creates miracles, possibilities, and potentials. So much magic is on the Earth now, as the attention of all aspects of the Creator’s universe is upon you and all humanity. Everyone is watching the miracle that is Earth. Even your soul, the essence energy within your physical body, is watching you, observing Earth, and looking for the beauty of magic as it manifests.

With so much attention on Earth, vast quantities of energy, intentions, and light are focused into your reality. This truly is a blessing; you are supported by the entire universe of all aspects of the Creator. The energy being anchored acts as a magnifier to develop your intentions and encourage all your truths to blossom.