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Love and Forgive Yourself

Love and Forgive Yourself David Lusch

Love and forgiveness are basic teachings in almost all spiritual traditions. According to Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, they are the golden keys to a happy, healthy life. Self-love and self-forgiveness are big topics in today’s self-help circles. How can you better love and forgive yourself to be happier and healthier?

The key is to discover true love and true forgiveness, which can be applied to you and others. But true love and forgiveness are not so easy to realize. True love is unconditional and requires an uncommon level of development. True forgiveness is also unconditional and, again, not always easy to achieve in all circumstances.

You’ve probably heard the saying that love and forgiveness are two sides of the same coin. I agree. True love requires forgiveness, and true forgiveness requires love. To forgive yourself is to practice self-love, and when you practice self-love, you can more easily forgive.