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Light a Path for Your Spiritual Warrior

Light a Path for Your Spiritual Warrior Ataoris through Gilly Wilmot

You are in a boat on the sea. There is very little wind and the waves are still. The sun is shining, and you feel relaxed and calm. You begin to meditate. You’re able to elevate your consciousness, because your body and emotions are calm. Then, without warning, a fierce storm whips the wind and waves, creating extreme turbulence. You are afraid; nothing like this has happened before. How do you survive such an extreme event that came with so little warning?

In fact, you are not alone on this boat. Others are in the same predicament. You find you are stronger than you think and have information you did not know you had. The storm is fierce and the waves are high, but somehow, you are able to deal with the situation. Instead of sitting passively, you act. You try and you experiment. You do all that you can. You realize you are more than you thought you were. Skills and gifts you did not know you had, unfold. You find the courage and strength to help someone in the boat who is frozen by fear and unable to move.

This picture could describe what is happening at this particular time in Earth’s history. We said some months ago that your emotional bodies would be sorely tried with events that would come to challenge you. But this is not new. Many such events have occurred throughout human history when people were called to act. Singular acts of courage have occurred in the darkest dramas, and individuals have flown in the face of danger to help others.