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Human Energy Systems: Personalities and Their Energy Styles

Human Energy Systems: Personalities and Their Energy Styles Charles Shahar

When you engage with another person in a passionate discussion about some issue of mutual interest, your auras take on vibrant qualities. They expand, shimmer, and flash different hues. Streamers flow between the two of you and your chakras. When one of you has a brilliant idea, your mental body expands in brilliant yellow, like the proverbial light bulb going on.

Most interactions are not this dramatic, but even if you ignore each another, much happens in the subtle planes between you. You can surreptitiously transmit energy without saying a word or even looking at the other person. Strong etheric blocks might surround your aura — energy walls that indicate shyness or aloofness. Anxiety and irritableness can make your field prickly to the touch and unpleasant, leading others to avoid mixing their auras with yours.

You have an energy style. You likely developed this strategy as a child in reaction to the energy styles of your parents. You resonated with their vibrations and became like them in many ways. In order for your ego to survive, you also developed certain chronic ways of dealing with the world that might not be healthy or helpful for you as an adult.